Human Resources: Processes Evolving

Gathering information provided by social networks and augmented reality games are some of the techniques used by companies in Costa Rica to attract new talent or evaluate teams already working in the companies.

Monday, April 22, 2019

The companies that in the Costa Rican market are dedicated to the selection of staff for other companies have been changing their processes in order to make their work more efficient, where the evaluation of staff through alternatives with augmented reality and real-time monitoring of the organizational climate through applications, are some of the most significant changes.

Dahiana Arias, country manager for ManpowerGroup Costa Rica, said to that "... In the world of human resources, every day the technological evolution in processes is fundamental to the benefit of candidates, customers and employees. For the company one of the most important changes is that currently only a very low percentage of candidates must come to an interview in person, as they take advantage of tools such as Skype or Webex."

The article reviews that "... The Spanish Firm The Key Talent, for its part, seeks to position itself in the Costa Rican market by providing human resources departments with gamma tools to execute more attractive, digital and efficient processes. To evaluate staff, they have alternatives with augmented reality, such as Escape Room. This dynamic, which combines reality with fiction, allows us to evaluate people while they play using only three images and one mobile phone per participant."

Other tools that are used in Costa Rica are applications that allow evaluating the organizational climate on a daily basis, with only the collaborators entering a platform to complete a survey.

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