How to Retain Your Best Staff

In a competitive environment, companies must understand that it is better to retain qualified personnel rather than to invest funds looking in the market for workers.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A report entitled "Cutting Edge Talent 2020" by Deloitte, is based on a survey of global executives in large companies. Their conclusions apply to any market where there are shortages of workers with the necessary skills to get into competitive businesses. Central America is now an example of a market where the limitations of human talent can become a thorn in the side of business development.

The Deloitte report states:

Many companies are not addressing the critical needs and potential frustrations of their employees, and often they do not have a realistic picture of how employees perceive them according to a survey conducted in March 2011 with employees from global companies by Forbes Insights for Deloitte Consulting LLP. While corporate executives and talent managers are tempted to believe that the talent market has returned to normal and they can return to their "old ways of business" now that the economy is starting to grow again, our survey suggests that this strategy could put companies on the losing side in the competition for talent.

As part of the series ‘Talento de Vanguardia 2020 ‘ by Deloitte, this study examines the employees attitudes in order to provide in-depth knowledge about engines that are expected to lead the market for talent in the next decade. More specifically, the survey examines the differences between the attitudes and desires of employees and talent strategies and practices used by employers. This survey also compares the current views of employees with respect to their attitudes in the same period during the peak of the recession and the views of executives surveyed in October 2010.

Employers could be risking losing the hearts and minds (not to mention the heads and hands) of their employees: with there being a stronger economy, employees with repressed desires and intentions to leave their current employers, are more and more and more likely to try out the active labor market.

Almost two-thirds of employees surveyed who are looking for career options have strong negative opinions regarding what employers are doing to create exciting career plans and to open up opportunities for advancement.

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