How to Identify Audiences with Artificial Intelligence?

Thanks to predictive modeling and artificial intelligence (AI), marketers can now leverage these tools to segment audiences beyond traditional parameters and build a more accurate profile of consumers.

Thursday, December 9, 2021

By using AI, it is possible to segment audiences at more granular levels and identify which ones are most valuable to marketing objectives.

Artificial intelligence finds hidden user patterns that have a positive or negative impact on marketing objectives.

Therefore, it helps professionals achieve a predetermined end goal, whether it's finding the audience segment most likely to buy to increase sales volume, or giving an existing audience a customized product or content that responds to their interests.

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This can be done by taking into account three dimensions: their demographics, behavior, and their interests. From this data, people who have purchased a product or service are segmented and know when and through which channel they could request it again, this allows to obtain an estimated number of users with purchase intent. Read the full article here.

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