Hotel Supply Does Not Meet Expectations

Because the facilities do not meet minimum quality standards, 79% of registered accommodations in Guatemala are classified as not recommended.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The Guatemalan Institute of Tourism (INGUAT) reported that most hostels, pensions, small hotels and other hotel facilities in the country are considered as not recommended because "they do not meet quality standards and are not suitable for domestic and foreign tourists to visit."

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Today, small hotels are competing with new computer platforms that offer private home accommodations at lower prices, such as Airbnb and Booking.

Andrés Navas, a consultant for the Association of Research and Social Studies (Asíes), explained to that "... the use of social networks and websites represent a competition mainly for micro and small businesses, because they are the ones with the largest hotel offer in Guatemala, with 35 and 40 percent respectively."

María Isabel Font, international sales manager for Soleil hotels, said that "... the market is wide and diverse, allowing visitors' requests to be met from the comforts of a room to an adventurous experience. The hotel industry is still quite strong for its diversity of supply. In addition, Guatemala is considered one of the countries to be discovered for its niche markets in adventure tourism, nature, living culture and business that allow those interested to buy complete packages."

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The Luxury Hotel Market

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In Costa Rica, the hotel union includes 32 registered establishments considered luxury hotels, offering accommodation options with prices ranging from $160 to $30 thousand per night.

The wide diversity of tourists that the country receives explains the existence of a wide range of hotels, according to representatives from the Costa Rican Chamber of Hotels (CCH). The hotel supply caters for both tourists looking to stay in one star hotels, to other more demanding customers, seeking higher-level alternatives.  

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Between 2010 and 2015 the number of tourist accommodation establishments went up by 73%, and the total number of available rooms increased by 53%.

Data from the Central American Integration System (SICA) indicates that in 2010 Nicaragua registered 8,880 rooms and had 771 business establishments used to accommodate tourists. At the close of 2015, there were almost 14 thousand rooms and 1,057 establishments such as hotels, hostels and cabins.

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The rate of annual growth of the sector has been estimated at 3%, and to date there are a total of more than one thousand hotels with 14 thousand rooms.

Most hoteliers in Nicaragua agree that growth has been very positive, but they are aware of the need to accelerate the speed with which the sector is developing in order to compete with other destinations with a higher level of sophistication and development in this service.