Hotel Finisterre Opens in Panama

Hotel Finisterre Suites & Spa opened its doors in Panama City; it required an $18 million investment.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Located in España Avenue, the hotel currently features 70 rooms, and it plans to inaugurate an additional 56 in July.

“Fidel Reyes Esquer, general director of The FR Hotel, the company that operates the hotel, remarked that they’ve taken care of all the details to ‘offer a first class product with warm and professional service“, reported

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More Marriott Hotels in Panama

April 2012

The hotel chain is to build a new premises and two existing ones are to be renamed to join the chain, meaning that there will be seven hotels in the canal country.

The economic boom around the Canal expansion and the expected arrival of more leisure and business tourists with high purchasing power, has attracted the attention of the multinational chain Marriott, which will soon have 7 hotels in Panama.

Inauguration of Holiday Inn in Costa Rica

July 2011

The project, by the Salvadoran Agrisal group, required an investment of $20 million and will be inaugurated this week in Escazú.

The new "green” Holiday Inn hotel, which will use environmentally friendly technologies, is sited 30 minutes from San Jose in one of the busiest areas of economic and urban development

More Hotel Rooms in Panama

June 2010

Before the end of the month Marriot will inaugurate a new tower and Finisterrre Hotel will enable 100% of its facilities.

With the new tower, Marriot will add 91 rooms to the hotel’s existing 298. Annete Cárdenas, Maarketing director, remarked that all the rooms have been completely remodeled.

Six New Hotels in Panama

February 2009

Le Meridien, Bristol Buenaventura, Nikki Beach, Finisterre Suites, Breezes Superclubs and the Radisson del Summit Golf & Resort anticipate opening their doors this year.

Fidel Kings, Vice President of the American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham) and Director of the firm FR Consulting, informed "Bristol Buenaventura, a complex that includes 120 rooms and residences will debut tomorrow.