Honduras and Nicaragua has highest tax rates in CA

Honduras and Nicaragua has highest tax rates in CA

Friday, November 7, 2008

The National Consumer Rights Commission of Honduras
report states that Belize, Honduras and Nicaragua have highest tax rates in CA: 20.7%, 17.8% and 17.7% respectively.

On the other hand, El Salvador is at 13.7% and Guatemala at 10.2% are the lowest in the region in comparison to the GDP.

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More Taxes, Again the Easy Way

September 2020

In order to access the $1.75 billion credit requested from the IMF, the Costa Rican government proposes to tax financial transactions, increase the tax on the profits of companies and individuals, and increase the tax on real estate.

On the afternoon of September 17, and in the context of a severe economic crisis that had been going on since before the beginning of the pandemic, the Alvarado administration presented the plan with which it intends to mitigate the fiscal impact of the Covid-19 crisis, a proposal to negotiate an agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to obtain a credit of $1.75 billion.

From Territorial Income to Global Income

September 2020

In order to tax the total amount of profits of individuals or corporations based in Costa Rica, regardless of where their profits are generated, a bill was submitted to the Assembly that seeks to amend the Income Tax Law.

Currently in Costa Rica a territorial income system is applied, which consists of taxing profits produced exclusively at the local level. If the Income Tax Law is modified, the situation could change.

Panama and Qatar Ink Tax Agreement

May 2010

This is the latest double taxation agreement signed by Panama; it has recently done the same with Belgium, Italy, Holland, Barbados, Spain and Mexico.

Economy Minister Frank de Lima stated that in May they will negotiate two additional agreements with France and Luxembourg.

Tax reform will slam brakes on economy, say Guatemalan industry leaders

May 2008

Leaders of the Guatemalan Industry Chamber rejected the government's proposal to Congress of an 0.8 percent increase in the tax take.

If the proposal is accepted, prices will go up, jobs will be lost and the economy will slow down, the industrialists said.
The government is seeking an increase in the tax take of 3 billion quetzals (US$405 million).