Honduras - Guatemala Customs Union in the Sargasso Sea

There is still no legal framework to manage the international cooperation funds that would finance the implementation of the customs union between the two countries.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Even though the Central American Economic Integration Secretariat (SIEC) announced "progress" in the process of the Customs Union between Guatemala and Honduras, Elperiodico.com.gt denounced the obstacles preventing it, "... the most visible being the establishment of a ministerial body. The body has still not been certified and therefore can not approve the creation of a "structural fund" where international cooperation resources would be deposited. "

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"... Without approval of the "fund" resources can not be used to complete the creation of computing platforms. According to the Undersecretary of Foreign Trade in Honduras, Melvin Redondo, these undefined tools are preventing piloting tests being carried out. Neither is there a definitive list of products and exceptions for free transit. "

Even with these shortcomings for the protocol to enter into rigor, Sieca announced in a statement that "... a review was undertaken of the roadmap for the work of implementing the Enabling Protocol of the Customs Union in 2016. After the entry into force of the protocol, they must be subscribe to the rules for its functioning, the establishment of a Customs Union Structural Fund and other administrative procedures necessary to implement the project. "

"... The Minister of Foreign Trade in Guatemala Enrique Lacs stressed that the agenda for the implementation of the customs union project is progressing in a number of key elements and expected to complete the work specified in the schedule for May 2016," the statement concluded.

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Implementation of Guatemala - Honduras Customs Union

May 2016

Customs Union between Guatemala and Honduras passes implementation phase after submission of the Enabling Protocol to SICA.

From a statement issued by the Secretariat of Central American Economic Integration:

Central, 4 May 2016. The Republics of Guatemala and Honduras, accompanied by the Secretariat of Central American Economic Integration (SIECA), officially delivered the Enabling Protocol for the Deep Integration Process into the free transit of goods and individuals between the two countries, for its submission to the General Secretariat of the Central American Integration System (SICA).

Financial Support for Honduras-Guatemala Customs Union

February 2016

The Central American Bank for Economic Integration has announced that this month it will deliver 55% of the funds required to implement the customs union between the two countries.

The funds pending for the implementation of the Customs Union between Guatemala and Honduras are being managed by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (BCIE) for a total of $1.5 million for delivery in February.

Governments Hinder Intra-Regional Trade

July 2014

Despite the antiquity of the efforts for Central American integration and for the Customs Union the obstacles to trade between the countries on the isthmus presented by customs offices are notorious.

The Federation of Chambers and Associations of Exporters of Central America (Fecaxca) is once again calling for policies and common strategies for standards and customs procedures.

Customs Offices Should be Open 24/7 for Cargo

June 2014

In order to expedite intraregional trade it is necessary for customs offices dealing with cargo freight, to be open all hours, just as immigration customs offices are.

A study commissioned by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce of Central America (Fecamco) concluded that there are 87 barriers to trade in the region, one of the major ones being operations of the systems at customs offices at borders, followed by bureaucratic requirements and lack of adequate infrastructure.