Honduras: Truckers Block Nicaraguan Cargo

Honduran haulage contractors have announced a blockade of goods coming from Nicaragua at the end of the month.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The announcement was released in Honduran press by Benjamín Castro, president of the country's Freight Transport Chamber, who did not reveal the exact date chosen.

"Castro states that despite repeated complaints, Honduran hauliers have not received support from the Porfirio Lobo government saying that there is no choice remaining because nobody listens. He adds that they have also approached Nicaraguan authorities, but without success," reports El Nuevo Diario.

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Regional Coastal Trade on Pacific Coast

June 2012

A feasibility study has been started on a freight system between the Pacific ports of the region using shallow draft boats.

Launched six years ago, the project has now been reactivated in response to the need to seek alternatives to the increase in freight rates.

The goal is "to accelerate intraregional trade, by eliminating the passing through customs, as happens with land transport."

Freight Price Increases in El Salvador

October 2010

The Freight Business Association announced adjustments of 38% and 100% in freight rates.

For distances less than 500 km the increase is 38% ($ 1.45 per km). For distances over 1,000 kilometers up to 100% (the current rate in Panama is $ 1 per km).

Elsalvador.com reported that union president, Raul Alfaro, stated"...

Transport Companies Complain Over Nicaraguan Tolls

April 2010

Central American cargo companies want Nicaragua to stop charging a 20% toll over the price of each transportation service.

In order to achieve this, delegates from the Central American Chamber of Transport Companies (Catransca), met with representatives of the Nicaraguan Transportation Ministry.

Guatemala: Worries about high maritime tariffs

January 2009

Maritime shipping rates for cargo have no gone down despite the reduction in the price of oil on the international market, according to importers and exporters.

According to prensalibre.com, "Jean Paul Brichaux, executive director of the Council of International Transport Users of Guatemala (Cutrigua), explained that the shipping agencies increased their rates between May and August to up to $700.