Honduras: Textile Companies and the FTA with Peru

Peruvian negotiators have asked Honduran maquila companies to use thread from the South American country at the same time as demanding that the agreement not contain exclusions.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The United States is the largest supplier of yarn for used by the Honduran textile industry and at the same time is the largest buyer of its production. In the context of negotiations, Peru is calling for more flexibility so that Honduras can the raw material not only from the US but also from the South American country.

Lidabel Almendares, a private sector representative told Latribuna.hn that "... We made a proposal that aims to make things related to textiles and clothing more flexible, so that they can produce using American and Peruvian thread, meanwhile, Peruvians are asking for there not to be any exclusions, which would be complicated for Honduras. In parallel to this, there is also a proposal to include products that are complementary to both economies . "

A representative from the Honduras-Peru Business Council, Obdulio Hernandez, added "... Honduras is looking forward to a proposal which is related to the theme of rules of origin. For Honduras an FTA with Peru is important because it would provide access to the Pacific Alliance trade bloc made up of Mexico, Chile and Colombia, it only needs to fulfill the requirement to have an agreement with the Inca country. Meanwhile in trade terms, it is unattractive because in recent years the balance has thrown Honduras in deficit. "

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