Honduras: Tax Simplification Urged

Less complex administrative systems and a simplified tax system are the requests made by the private sector to the government in order to improve the country's competitiveness.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

In order to improve competitiveness and the business climate, the Honduran Council of Private Enterprise has asked the government to simplify the tax code and streamline public procedures. "...The aim is to ensure the economy will grow and allow the State to collect resources in order to meet its obligations. "

The Finance Secretary Wilfredo Cerrato told Laprensa.hn that "... A pledge has been made to work together on a reform which includes the revision of rates, decrees and all legislation to ensure simplification of taxation. The aim is to ensure the economy will grow and the State will be able to collect resources in order to meet its obligations. "

For his part, the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cortés, Emin Abufele, added "... The importance of establishing simplified administrative systems has been raised along with creating a new tax system to allow the country to be highly competitive. "

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March 2018

Through an agreement with the business sector, the government of Honduras has announced that it intends to simplify procedures for licenses and registration of companies.

As part of a plan to facilitate private investment, the Hernandez administration has announced that they will also be talking with mayors so that local governments facilitate the operation of companies nationwide. In addition they "... announced that from April they will start using customs' forward looking statement."

Honduras: Consensus Over Tax Code

July 2016

The private sector and government have agreed on the basis of a bill to amend the Tax Code which will be sent to Congress for approval.

The draft law agreed between the business sector and the Hernández administration includes a single tax for small businesses. 

Panama: Wrong Data Cited in Doing Business Report

January 2015

Claims have been made that the time it takes to undertake the procedures needed to start up a business stated in the Doing Business report are much longer in reality.

With the aim of improving competitiveness, private sector representatives have asked the Panamanian government to cut the amount of red tape, as some of the processes can take up to a year.

Honduras: Where to Invest in 2015

January 2015

A meeting of Honduran businesses has been organized for February 12 which aims to present a portfolio of private investment projects.

This meeting entitled 'Investing in Honduras in 2015' aims to bring together various sectoral ministers with the business community in order to pool projects to be developed during the year and publicize the work plans.