Honduras: Roatan strengthened as tourist destination

The construction of hotels and new investments will increase the island's profile as a destination for natural recreation and relaxation.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Considered to be one of the Roatan's biggest promoters, Romeo Silvestri has worked as the president of the island's Tourism Chamber and fervently believes in the development of the place.
Yesterday he spoke with NEGOCIOS magazine about the situation on the island and about the short-term future, which, because of the investments, looks promising.

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Nicaragua: Informality Affecting Tourism Investments

August 2016

Lack of control of unofficial businesses that are setting up on the coasts is preventing further development in areas with high tourism potential such as San Juan del Sur.

The business community argues that the Law for the Development of Coastal and Environmental Conservation is not being complied with, as unofficial businesses such as restaurants and hotels are being allowed to set up on the coasts.

Honduras: Pier for Cruise Ships Ready by September

June 2009

With an investment of $70 million, the construction of the Carnival’s cruise terminal on the island of Roatán is 80% complete.

The developers of Carnival’s pier hope to finish the Project by September.

According to Laprensahn.com, “The Project–which covers 75,000 square feet, includes a commercial area being built to quality specifications that enable it to withstand earthquakes and hurricanes-was visited by international representatives of the cruise industry that have been on the island since the weekend with the purpose of attending the meeting of the Federation of Cruise Lines of the Caribbean and Florida, FCCA.

Port construction continues in Roatan

January 2009

The first phase of the remodeling ended with the construction of three buildings for first-class commercial establishments.

Elheraldo.com reports: "Despite the global financial crisis, this company is betting on the second phase of the Puerto de Cruceros renovation project which involves the investment of an additional $30 million.

New cruise ship dock for Roatan, Honduras

September 2008

Some 200 ships will arrive in Roatan on a yearly basis, once the new cruise ship dock starts operating in October 2009.

The liberal congressman for the Bay Islands Department, Jerry Hinds, said that once it is inaugurated it will provide services to cruise ship companies throughout the entire year, and should bring around 200 ships with tourist to Roatan per year.