Honduras Resumes Relations With Various Countries

Up to date, Honduras has resumes diplomatic relations with Guatemala, Colombia, Peru and Canada.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Chancellor Mario Canahuati explained they are working with the United States to unfreeze economic aid.

Canahuati added: “We have also welcomed the ambassadors of Italy and Germany, and the delegates from Spain and France are on their way. We also made progress with Finland, Turkey and Morocco”.

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Morocco to Open Embassy in Guatemala

April 2013

The diplomatic mission will be concurrently accredited to Central America, and the announced purpose is the narrowing of trade and diplomatic relations with the region.

A statement on Guatemala.gob.gt reads:

The secretary general of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Morocco, Youssef Amrani, announced that for the first time this country will establish an embassy in Guatemala, due to the geographical and strategic position that is our nation.

Honduras Closes Five Embassies

March 2011

The government announced it is closing its embassies in Venezuela, Ecuador, Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil.

A statement from the Foreign Ministry says it will open trade offices in India, Singapore, China and Canada.

"Foreign Minister, Mario Canahuati, said ... Honduras is revising embassies in Latin America.

Spain Normalizes Diplomatic Relations With Honduras

February 2010

The Spanish Ambassador has returned to Honduras, in order to normalize diplomatic relations between both countries.

Even though Lobo’s government has not been officially recognized by the Government of Spain, their intention is to gradually normalize diplomatic relations.

Guatemala To Normalize Relations With Honduras

January 2010

The Government of Guatemala will recognize Porfirio Lobo as the legitimate president of Honduras once he is sworn in.

Álvaro Colom, Guatemalan head of state, announced that he will receive president-elect Porfirio Lobo in his Presidential Residence tomorrow.

"Carlos Amador, president of the Guatemalan Exporters Association (Agexport), ...