Honduras: Reopening of Meat Processing Plant

The Hernandez administration has announced that the processing plant C & D will start operating again from this month.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

From a statement issued by Coalianza:

The reopening of the C&D meat processing plant, located in the town of Catacamas, Olancho, will take place later this week, President Juan Orlando Hernández announced today.

Speaking to local media in Juticalpa, after the opening of an imaging room and equipping of the San Francisco Hospital, the president explained that in regards to livestock farming "we will open the C & D plant again, which is a private project that has received support from Government policy ".

Hernandez added that "we decided to support the plant, as it was the only one left to us in Honduras and had been closed".

The C & D plant generates hundreds of jobs at a local level; and also regulates the price of meat at the national level, since the purpose is to export the meat product and earn foreign exchange in dollars.

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March 2019

In Panama, the processing plant Union Livestock received the endorsement to market beef in the Asian country, and it is expected that the first containers will be shipped in late April.

At the end of last year, it was reported that the meat product plants that received the endorsement by the General Administration of Customs of China to start selling their products to the Asian giant were Matadero de Chiriquí, S.A.

Panama: New Health Standards for Beef

August 2015

The new regulations on health inspection for beef sets new hygiene standards in slaughterhouses and in vehicles used to transport the product.

From the executive decree published in La Gaceta de Panama:

"... Article 2. The scope of this Regulation is to establish the rules for the health inspection of meat and meat products from cattle in the Republic of Panama so that the inspection of these products ensures hygienic conditions for consumers.

Nicaragua: Comprehensive Livestock Plant

May 2015

The comprehensive livestock plant belonging to the Mexican company Sukarne is currently processing between 180 and 200 cattle per day, and expects to process about 180 thousand a year.

The local livestock sector has high expectations with the launch of the plant by the Mexican company, which expects to sell cattle directly ensuring greater stability in prices.

Costa Rica: Meat Company Receives $1 Million from IDB

September 2009

The company, "Carnes Zamora", or Zamora Meats, will invest the resources in upgrading its processing plant.

Mario Garro, president of the company, remarked that some of the funds will be used in improving their environmental administration.

Newspaper Nación published more comments by Garro: "... our environmental administration system complies with ISO 14000. In September we begin training for ISO 22000...".