Honduras: Private Sector Reports Losses

After more than 40 days of protests and looting, Honduran businessmen report that about 50 companies have been affected, and several stores have already been closed.

Friday, June 21, 2019

Preliminary reports from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tegucigalpa (CCIT), establish that among the most affected businesses are supermarket chains, appliance stores, fast food restaurants and microenterprises dedicated to the marketing of clothing and footwear.

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Guy de Pierrfeu, president of the CCIT, told Elheraldo.hn that "... There is still no way to have definitive figures, but the GDP of Honduras is approximately 1,570 million lempiras per day and the accumulated losses of today are immense. We've already had more than 40 days of demonstrations."

Pierrefeu added that "... Many companies are closing or else laying off human resources because they don't have the economic activity to sustain them. It is sad and serious that the political ambitions of some people are leading the country to chaos, to a situation of ungovernability, to a situation where more and more is being lost."

The first demonstrations were reported at the end of May, when after the Honduran Executive approved decrees PCM-026-2018 and PCM-027-2019, the country's doctors and teachers began protests with the aim of repealing them, arguing that through them government personnel could be fired and public services privatized.

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