Honduras: Panamanians and Salvadorans Maintain Investment

A delegation of businessmen confirmed the new government their desire of continue investing in Honduras.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Jorge Zablah Touché is a Salvadoran and president of the Latin American Business Council (CEAL). He stated his country will go on with investment plans and that they will present their arguments to president Mauricio Funes.

Zablah added, as published in Latribuna.hn "they explained their Latin American colleagues that what happened in Honduras on June 28th was a legal process".

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President Funes Urges Employers to Invest El Salvador

May 2011

The President, Mauricio Funes, asked Salvadoran businessmen to join in the country’s process of recovery and growth.

"I ask our businesses to accompany this process, to invest and trust in the ability of Salvadoran society to succeed, " President Funes said today during his speech at a Memorial Day service (Día del Soldado in Spanish).

Porfirio Lobo Promotes Investment in Honduras

January 2010

Honduras' president elect promised freedom and guarantees for investors, in a social market economy.

At a meeting with Central American businessmen in Guatemala City, Lobo offered "clear and defined" rules, inviting them to invest in Honduras.

Lobo confirmed he will grant a safe-conduct for Manuel Zelaya, for him to leave for Dominican Republic.

Honduran Businesses Express Strong Support for Micheletti

July 2009

When expressing their support, private enterprises proposed an additional 10% income tax.

Leaders of the Honduran Council of Private Enterprises, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Cortés, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Tegucigalpa, the Honduran Federation of Agriculture and Livestock Breeders, among others, expressed their support for Roberto Micheletti's government.

Leaning left

October 2008

Honduras joins the Bolivarian Alternative for American Countries, a club promoted by Venezuela and Cuba.

On October 9th the Honduran Congress ratified the country’s membership in the Alternativa Bolivariana para los pueblos de nuestra América (ALBA, Bolivarian Alternative for American Countries), a regional grouping promoted by Venezuela and Cuba.