Honduras: Number Portability Awarded to Norwegian Company

Systor International will be responsible for managing the porting process, which will be funded by operators of frequencies for mobile phones.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Authorities from the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel), as well as executives from the mobile operators Tigo, Claro and Hondutel confirmed that the Norwegian company Systor International will is responsible for the operation, administration and management of the central database for the number portability process.

"The selection process involved nine companies, four of which submitted bids, and Systor International achieved the highest score of all the other participants."

" ... This is a major investment of more than $2.3 million, 100% made ​​by Tigo and other mobile operators working together to ensure a successful process in the country, and absorbing all of the costs on behalf of our clients," said Otto Pineda, manager of Tigo.

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Honduras Tenders Database for Number Portability

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Conatel has put out to public consultation a project for a network identification codes for number portability, which will include all the numbers assigned by telephone companies in the country.

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The country was the only one in Central America which had no law on the subject.

Telephone companies have until next September 30 to do everything that the law requires to start operating a number portability system by October 1.

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