Honduras: New President Refloats "Charter City"

President Juan Orlando Hernández announced the beggining of studies to create the first "charter city" in the south of the country.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Juan Orlando Hernandez, president of Honduras, reported that studies have been started on the creation of a "model city" in the style of Hong Kong in order to promote investment and employment. The initiative includes a port on the Gulf of Fonseca, on the Pacific side.

Presidential adviser Ebal Diaz said: "A study will be carried out in the south and after that an area for the creation of an Economic Development and Employment Zone (ZEDE by its initials in Spanish) will be determined".

"Port capacity will be developed in the country so that it will become a development not only for the country and the region, but for all of Latin America. It is a very ambitious project, which starts from today," he added.

"It is not just about creating a free zone but creating a globally competitive space under a regime of legal certainty which will attract foreign investment."

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October 2017

In front of national and foreign investors, President Hernández presented a program that will confer special legal status on delimited areas in coastal departments, which already has legislative approval.

From various announcements made by the Presidency of Honduras:

Honduras: Model Cities Projects Presented

September 2014

A logistics park, a port and a center for agricultural research and development in the Gulf of Fonseca would be the basis of the first ​​Employment and Economic Development Zone (ZEDE by its initials in Spanish).

From a statement from President of Honduras:

September 23, 2014.

El Salvador: Tax Free Cities

June 2014

The private sector has proposed creating development zones with specific tax laws and tax free status in order to encourage local and foreign investment.

Following a concept created by economist Paul Romer and implemented in cities such as Hong Kong, and proposed in Honduras through the passage of a law last year, Salvadoran businessmen are proposing 29 law reforms in order to create development zones which have their own laws to enhance the competitiveness of companies located within them.

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The Republic of China is to conduct a feasibility study for the construction of a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the country.

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COMEX and the China Development Bank have signed agreement to initiate a feasibility study.