Honduras: Milk Production Down 40%

Due to the effects of climate, the dairy producers union estimates a reduction of between 700,000 and 800,000 liters a day.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Anabel Gallardo, president of the Honduran Chamber of Milk Producers, estimated that daily production will decrease from 2.2 million to about 1.3 million liters. Gallardo and other representatives of the Honduran agricultural sector are insisting that the government declare an emergency in some municipalities.

Leopoldo Duran, president of the National Federation of Ranchers of Honduras (Fenagh) said to Laprensa.hn that "... 80% of farmers nationwide are affected by the extended summer. "The situation is critical. The problem of climate change has to be raised to the level of Central America '. "

"... Duran believes that a state of emergency needs to be declared in some municipalities because of the ravages of El Niño and indicated that it will requested from Alden Rivera, Minister of Economic Development. "

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Honduras: Milk Imports Probable

March 2012

The measure is being considered due to a reduction of 400,000 liters in domestic production.

"We have had reports from artisanal and industrial sectors that there is less milk available in the country and therefore may have to authorize an importation to cover the shortfall in domestic production," stated Agriculture Secretary Jacobo Regalado.

Honduran Livestock: Dairy Contract Coming Soon

July 2010

In a month and a half the award of the contract to supply milk to schools is expected to be awarded.

The president of the Honduran Federation of Farmers and Breeders (Fenagh), Leopoldo Durán, told Laprensa.hn that, "the draft bid documents are being reviewed currently, then follow the criteria and we want these approved within two weeks so that in a month we can receive offers and see who wins the process".

Cattle Farmers Await Solution to Dairy Conflict

July 2010

Honduran cattle farmers hope an agreement between authorities in El Salvador and Honduras will solve the trade conflict on dairy products.

The president of the Honduran National Federation of Farmers and Breeders (Fenagh), Leopoldo Durán, commented that there is desire on behalf of the Salvadoran authorities to find a permanent solution to the conflict that is preventing the entry of dairy products into El Salvador from Honduras.

Honduras Invites Bids for Supplying Milk to Schools

July 2010

In the short term, authorities will publish the bidding rules for supplying milk to feeding children at the country’s public schools.

The contract, valued at $8 million, comprises supplying 10 million liters of milk.

“Leopoldo Durán, president of the Honduran National Federation of Farmers and Breeders, assured that the process is well underway, and expected the bidding to start in a couple of months”, noted Elheraldo.hn.