Honduras: Income Tax Increase In Effect

With the publication in the official daily newspaper, a 1% increase on income tax (ISR) comes into force.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The amendment to the income tax law adopted by Congress applies only to companies with revenues in excess of $529 thousand (10 million lempiras). The increase will be applicable for the fiscal year beginning in 2011.

"According to the Executive Directorate of Revenue (DEI), the amendment adds 1% to the gross revenue for the tax period and corresponds to physical and legal persons who declare losses for two, three, four and up to 10 years without paying any tax" , noted an article in Elheraldo.hn

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More Taxes in Times of Crisis

February 2019

In the midst of Nicaragua's political and economic crisis, the National Assembly approved a tax reform that increases the income tax of large taxpayers from 1% to 3%.

On the morning of February 27th, the reform of the Tax Concentration Law was approved, which also contemplates raising from 1% to 2% the income tax for medium sized companies with higher incomes.

Honduras: 1.5% Income Tax Made Firm

June 2015

The Constitutional Court has rejected the constitutional challenge presented by the business sector and left in place the collection of 1.5% income tax.

The Supreme Court has confirmed the income tax of 1.5%, which applies to companies reporting net sales of over $456 000, leaving exempt from this charge those reporting lesser incomes and those with less than two years of being established.

Honduras: Increase to Income Tax Approved

April 2011

The 1% increase in the country's tax on income (ISR in Spanish) will apply from the beginning of the 2011 new tax year.

The reform to Honduran income tax law was approved by congress and only applies to companies with revenue above $529,000.

Finance Minister, William Chong, told LaPrensa.hn that, "the reforms do not affect salaried workers...

Guatemala Studies Tax Hike

November 2009

The Government could raise the Income Tax (IDS) to 6% and the Solidarity Tax (ISO) to 2%.

The proposal is being analyzed by a group of presidential advisers and the Ministry of Public Finances.

"ISO currently charges 1% over gross sales or net assets of a company...", reports Elperiodico.com.gt. "Another option being considered is raising the Income Tax (ISR) from 5% to 6%...".