Honduras: Distribution of Medicines Could Be Privatized

The Ministry of Health is evaluating whether to use private companies to outsource the service of distributing medicines for public hospitals.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Due to the lack of capacity to supply medicines to national hospitals, the Health Ministry has said it plans to privatize the distribution process of the drugs. In order to realize this project they argue that it is necessary to remove central storage and update the basic list of medicines.

The Minister of Health of Honduras, Yolani Batres told Laprensa.hn that "... The state currently does not have the logistical capacity to continue to manage this important process, even though there have been transparent procurement processes, but drugs are still being lost and there is a problem of leakage on route."

She added that "... We find ourselves with a distribution problem since we do not have the ability to distribute and we definitely can not continue under the same scheme. "

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