Honduras Discussing New Debt Issue

The Honduran government could be looking to raise another $1 billion on the international market in 2015.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Added to the $1 billion placed in the external market in 2013 there could be a further issue of the same amount, according to the Ministry of Finance, which is analyzing how they might be structure the placement and the financial costs to be assumed.

"As a starting point we're talking about $1 billion, but we are completing a study to tell us what the correct value is", he said.

José Luis Moncada, former president of the National Banking and Insurance Commission (CNBS) mentioned in an article on Laprensa.hn that "...The placement referring to sovereign bond is not urgent, but it is necessary. We need to remember that we ended the fourth quarter with a very high deficit because revenues streams of L14 billion ($ 672 million) were reported and expenditure of L18 billion ($ 865 million) ".... revenues improved but what was lacking was better expenditure management, which is a signal to the country's financial authorities to conduct a thorough analysis regarding this."

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Citi and HSBC to Issue $1.5 Billion in Eurobonds

September 2019

Costa Rican authorities informed that Citi Global Markets and HSBC Global Banking will be the placement banks and financial advisors that will accompany the country in the process of issuance of securities and management of liabilities in the international market.

The issue that will be made at the international level is the one that was approved on July 16 through Bill No.

Costa Rica to Issue $4 billion in Foreign Markets

June 2018

To avoid further pressure on local interest rates, the Ministry of Finance will be considering issuing $1 billion a year in the international market over the next four years.

Representatives from the Ministry of Finance confirmed that they are preparing an application to the Legislative Assembly to issue $4 billion in debt securities in the international market.

Costa Rica Issues $1 billion in Eurobonds at 7%

April 2014

The increased perception of risk generated by the fiscal deficit has forced the government to offer a higher rate than the one agreed a year ago for the same issuance.

The Government of Costa Rica issued $1 billion in debt on the international market with a 30 year term and an interest rate of 7%, higher than the rate of 5.63% set a year ago in an issue also for $1 billion over 30 years.

Lower Yields From Honduran Sovereign Debt

February 2014

Interest rates paid on foreign debt bonds in the international market went down by between 1% and 2%.  

Interest rates on sovereign bonds placed in 2013 in the international market recorded a decline of 1% to 2%.

"The government of Honduras issued $1 billion in two tranches: the first for $500 million, with an 11 year term, at 7.50% and the remaining $500 million, with a 7 year term, paying 8.75%."