Honduras: Auction of 36 TV Frequencies

The National Telecommunications Commission has convened a public tender to operate a Free Television Broadcasting service in different parts of the country.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The tender conditions will be available from June 24 until July 5 at the Conatel offices operating in Tegucigalpa and San Pedro Sula for the amount of $246.

"In zone 1 five channels will be distributed, in zone 2 a total of six channels, in zone 3 three channels, in zone 4 seven channels, in zone 5 nine channels and in zone 9 six channels, totaling 36 channels," noted an article in Latribuna.hn.

"Also being convened is a specific competition called national system in the areas 1, 2, 3, 4.5 and 9 with one channel for each area".

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Honduras: TV Frequency Allocation Completed

September 2013

The National Telecommunications Commission has awarded another 5 regional digital television channels completing the concessionary awards of 18 frequencies and raising a total of $5 million.

Channel 47 in zone 1 and with coverage in Francisco Morazán, was acquired by Publicaciones y Noticias S.A.

Television Frequencies Awarded in Honduras

September 2013

The National Telecommunications Commission has begun awarding various frequencies with regional coverage and some with national scope.

Channel 44, a national digital television, was awarded for $3 million to the Mexican capital company TV Azteca. This company will operate the frequency for 15 years.

Auction of Digital TV Frequencies in Honduras

August 2013

From 3rd to 10th September, the National Telecommunications Commission of Honduras will be holding an auction of the 36 digital television frequencies and one national one.

An announcement has been made of the publication of tender specifications; "In order to be included participants must be up to date with payments to the state, have a radio or television company and pay the bid price, which for television ranges around $123,000," noted an article in Laprensa. hn.

Tender for Television Frequencies

June 2012

Once it has been defined, the new regulatory framework will proceed to tender or auction available TV frequencies in Honduras.

Currently, the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) has about 20 applications for licenses for broadcasting on hold while it defines a new regulatory framework to take into account the upcoming transition from analog to digital television.