Honduras Adds a Digit to Landlines

Staring November 14th, the digit "2" was prefixed to current numbers.

Monday, November 15, 2010

The measure to extend the number ranges nationwide was taken by initiative of the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel).

Maria Estela Cardona, told Conatel Tiempo.hn that "migration is safe and beneficial to all fixed telephone users. Users of wireless landline phones must restart the device before use, because otherwise it will be impossible to make or receive calls."

The measure does not include cell phone lines.

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Telephony Market in Panama

January 2014

During 2013 the number of fixed telephone lines grew faster than cell phone lines, driven by growth in the number of residential and commercial properties.

Data from the National Department of Telecommunications at the National Authority of Public Services (ASEP), reveals that in 2013 fixed lines grew by 2.9%, while mobile telephony grew by just 1.35% compared to 2012.

Fixed Telephone Rates Up 26%

September 2013

The Superintendency of Telecommunications in Costa Rica has approved an increase of 26% for rates for fixed telephone lines and a reduction in the rate for calls between a landline and a cell phone.

From a press release from the Superintendency of Telecommunications (Sutel):

Honduras: Additional Digit for Fixed Line Telephones

August 2010

From November a new digit will be added to all fixed line telephone numbers.

The digit "2" will be added to the beginning of current numbers, stated the Honduran National Telecommunications Commission (CONATEL in Spanish).

According to Proceso Digital, CONATEL authorities say this project will enable the regulator to better manage the technical aspects of fixed telephony operators, whether state or private owned.

Nicaragua Expands Numbers in Telephone Network

April 2009

On April 22, landline and cellular numbers in the telephone network will have eight digits.

Beginning at midnight on April 22, landlines will add a two and cell phones an eight before the current number.

Victor Garcia, Director of Regulation and Interconnection for Claro Enitel (owned by América Móvil), told The Prensa.com.ni: "At no time will the changes affect the economy of the users of the sector, instead the benefits are more extensive because there will now be a more modern network with services such as Internet and satellite tracking through GPS, among others. The idea is to grow as the region does so that our services are competitive."