Honduras: $52 million for Investments in TIC

The government signed a trust agreement with Banco Atlantida to invest resources in the field of telecommunications and information technology.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

With this trust an investment fund will be created for investments that will allow projects to be implemented in the area of ​​telecommunications and information technologies.

"According to the contract, it is indicated that investments will be made in the area of ​​telecommunications and their applications in information technology and communication, as well as facilitating access to the internet."

"The trustee, Banco Atlantida, will run this investment fund in accordance with the terms of this contract. This initiative will lead to provision of telecommunication services and application of information technologies through network infrastructure, of any kind or through financial assistance. "

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May 2013

It is vital for the nation's economy that an agenda on Information and Communication Technologies be developed, accompanied by the relevant legislation.

Peter Argumedo, senior researcher at Fusades called for swift approval in the Legislative Assembly of the draft laws related to computer security, in order to promote an investment climate.

Panama: Changes to Trust Law

November 2012

The Superintendency of Banks in Panama is working on a bill to amend the Trusts Act governing the trust business in the country.

From an article by Manuel Castillo, the Superintendency of Banks of Panama:

Law 1 of January 5, 1984 which governs the trust business in the Republic of Panama, defines trust as a legal act whereby a person called settlor transfers assets to a for a person named as trustee to administer or dispose of them in favor of a trustee or beneficiary, who may be the settlor himself.

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