Honduras: $18.5 million for Dams and Irrigation

Resources have been allocated for the construction of water reservoirs, installation of drip irrigation and technical assistance for the Water Harvest Project.

Friday, February 5, 2016

From a statement issued by the National Electricity Company of Honduras:

Tegucigalpa, February 01, 2016.- As part of the actions taken by the Government of the Republic to mitigate the impacts of climate change in the Dry Corridor, Honduras Strategic Investment (INVEST-Honduras) has signed a trust agreement (L 400 million) in FICOHSA Bank for the implementation of the Water Harvest project.

The Water Harves Project will focus on the construction of water reservoirs, installation of drip irrigation, training, technical assistance and training for producers / participants, which will strengthen the state of food and nutritional security and income generation and employment for vulnerable households in the Dry Corridor.

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Honduras: $23 million for irrigation

August 2016

Through an agreement with the Indian company Apollo International Limited an irrigation project will be developed in the Jamastrán Valley, department of El Paraíso.

A statement from the government of Honduras explains that the agreement provides for the construction of 6 drip irrigation modules using surface water of the rivers Hato, San Antonio and San Francisco, on which a further 300 drip irrigation systems will be built in small five hectare modules.  

Large Scale Works for Water Supply

September 2012

The project already has a feasibility study, plans, preliminary design and studies of land tenure for the provision of drinking water to several counties in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

The plan by the National Groundwater, Irrigation and Drainage Services (Senara) would use 800,000 cubic meters of water which are currently being wasted.

El Salvador: $5 million in Irrigation Infrastructure

January 2012

The Ministry of Agriculture has allocated $5 million for the renovation of irrigation infrastructure for 2012.

The Minister of the department, Guillermo Lopez, announcement the investment, the largest in the $107 million project portfolio planned for the year by the entity.

$6.4 million invested in new dam in Nicaragua

August 2008

This weekend the President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, inaugurated a structure called a spillway which will protect the Apanas Lake basin in the north of the country from flooding.

Official sources revealed through radio and television stations affiliated with the Government that the structure was built by 600 workers in one year at a cost of approximately $6.4 million.