Hologic expands their operation sin Costa Rica

Hologic expands their operation sin Costa Rica by investing $17.5 million on their new plant to manufacture medical products.

Friday, November 7, 2008

This will generate approximately 150 new jobs in 2009 to come to a total of 550 employees.

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Medical Devices: New Investments Planned

January 2020

Bayer announced that it plans to expand the operation of its medical device plant and shared service center in Costa Rica in the coming years.

The increase in its presence in Costa Rica is part of the plan to adjust the operation in Central America, the Caribbean and the Andean countries, which the company will implement over the next two years.

Costa Rica: More Investment in Medical Manufacturing

April 2017

The multinational Hospira will be gradually closing manufacturing operations for infusion equipment in the Dominican Republic in order to transfer to facilities operating in Costa Rica.

The company told Nacion.com that "... after careful analysis of product volume and global manufacturing capabilities, we made the difficult decision to discontinue manufacturing operations in the Dominican Republic and transfer most of the installed plant operations to Costa Rica".

$128 thousand annually per worker

December 2008

In 2008 the Costa Rican medical devices sector will have exported $960 million and employed 7500 professionals and technicians.

These sales projections were made by Cinde based on data from the Foreign Trade Promoter. The $960 million in the sale of medical implements this year exceeded last years figure ($768 million) by $192 million.

ATEK Opens Medical Device Manufacturing Facility in Costa Rica

April 2008

ATEK Medical, a division of ATEK Companies, announced that it has opened a medical device manufacturing facility in Heredia, Costa Rica.

“With this new investment, ATEK Medical has doubled its manufacturing capacity and strengthened its ability to offer unparalleled manufacturing and new product launch services to the medical device industry,” said Kay Phillips, president, ATEK Companies.