High Expectations for Nicaragua Cocoa

Of the 2.72 million hectares with potential for growing cacao only 16,000 hectares are devoted to the crop which is currently highly profitable.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Laprensa.com.ni reports: " ... at the moment in various parts of the country there are projects , including one that will be run over the next three years by VECO Mesoamerica and Heifer International which will benefit some 1,500 small producers in three cooperatives: la Campesina de Matiguás (Matagalpa) Cacaonica de Waslala (North Atlantic Autonomous Region) and Fenacoop , New Guinea (South Atlantic Autonomous Region)" .

Approximately $700,000 will be invested to increase by up to 10% the number of hectares grown by farmers. Also planned are improvements to postharvest processes, which will increase the volume of production by 30% and increase exports by cooperatives, which are currently over 500 tons, said Jaume Martorell, from VECO Mesoamerica.

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Cocoa Cultivation Given New Impetus in Costa Rica

October 2015

Several government institutions have allocated resources to the recovery of the sector, which has a cultivated area of ​​4,750 hectares, and in 2014 exported $10 million.

The programs aim to increase the volume of the harvest of a product that is internationally distinguished for its high quality, competing with other producing countries based on quality and organic origin, taking advantage of the situation of growth in demand for chocolate, mostly in Europe.

More Competition in the Cocoa Market

August 2014

This year Ecuador could surpass Brazil as the largest producer of cocoa in America, with an expected increase of 9% in production, estimated at 240 thousand tons.

Like other producers of the grain, Ecuador is taking advantage of the surge in global demand for chocolate, devoting more resources to the cocoa industry in the country.

Honduran Cocoa Growing and More Growth Planned

January 2013

The number of producers grew by 40% in the past two years, with a total harvest of about 850 tons.

Cocoa producers plan to have 8000 hectares dedicated to growing the grain within three years which would position the Honduras at the forefront of Central American growers.

Panamanian Cocoa For the Entire World

September 2011

The fruit grown in the provinces of Colon, Cocle and Bocas del Toro is consumed in Costa Rica, Brazil and Europe .

Growing international demand for cocoa produced in Panama has led producers to increase acreage and improve product characteristics using genetically improved seeds.