Help For Costa Rican Bean Marketing

The Ministry will develop strategies, will intercede regarding for prices with industrial buyers and require producers to register all of their production.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Xinia Chaves, promised bean producers in San Vito, Changuenas and Buenos Aires (south of Costa Rica) to help market their produce.

The official stressed the importance of the growers registering all their produce in order to get control of a hundred percent the national production of beans. In the same way, she also offered to liaise with industrialists over purchase prices.

"We are committed to working in a coordinated manner to ensure the placement of domestic producers harvest and to build a proactive agenda supported by their real needs. We will talk with industrialists in order to bring them to the producers", said Chaves, according to the ministry’s official newsletter, Noti MAG.

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