Heat Maps for Real Estate Investments

Mobility analysis and geomarketing techniques have become key factors in the real estate investment process.

Thursday, December 9, 2021

In the process of searching and selecting areas for the acquisition of a property for real estate development, investors focus on finding those with the highest expected return on investment. This process, which until now was done using traditional financial and feasibility studies, has now become incredibly simple with mobility analytics and location intelligence based on Big Data.

What is a real estate heat map?

A real estate heat map is an analytics tool that uses visual cues, locations, mobility of people and vehicles, as well as numerical data, to distinguish different locations based on their performance. This tool uses different colors to represent various levels of mobility affluence in ranges of important real estate metrics.

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Using this analysis tool allows you to locate areas with investment properties for sale that promise good returns, making the process much easier and faster. Read the full article here.

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Foot traffic analytics in Madrid

December 2021

Heat maps are used by any business sector to identify foot traffic and vehicular mobility patterns in an area or point of interest, as their visualization presents multiple pieces of data in a way that makes immediate sense.

Heat maps can be used to identify foot traffic patterns from a country-level scale to a more detailed level such as the infrastructure of a store or building.

Heat Maps Applied to Expansion Plans

December 2021

Heat maps are used by retail giants to understand pedestrian and vehicular mobility patterns and thereby optimize their strategies for opening new points of sale.

At PREDIK Data-Driven we support global corporations in implementing a variety of expansion planning solutions.

Top 5 Benefits from implementing heat maps in businesses

November 2021

The heat map is one of the most useful and powerful data analysis tools in business intelligence. It provides a visualization feature that presents multiple pieces of data in a way that makes immediate sense by assigning a different size and color.

New geographic information systems (GIS) allow us to see our complex world in a new way. With the right data sets, heat maps can be produced that show how different factors vary from one area to another. In recent years, several organizations have developed dynamic mapping systems that allow users to choose areas, data layers, filters, and presentation features. Read the complete article here

Location Analytics in the Real Estate Market

September 2021

This analysis enables real estate companies to make data-driven decisions on issues that define the success of a real estate business, from acquisitions, leasing, investments to marketing campaigns and operational processes.

Location analytics provides an unprecedented vision of the real estate market, analyzing real-time mobility data such as foot traffic, makes it possible to know the updated prices of economic areas and properties of interest, the development of construction processes, to optimize the real estate agents work routes, identify risk areas, etc.