Headhunting in Panama

The difficulties faced by companies in hiring high-profile executives are driving growth in the recruitment market in the country.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

With the advent of more multinational companies in the sectors of logistics, banking and insurance, there is growing demand for qualified personnel to fill positions of managers, vice presidents or directors.

Martesfinanciero.com reports that "... Headhunters have witnessed the booming labor market there, and so have had to resort to using their best tricks and tactics to attract qualified talent. This creates fierce competition between companies for the best talent. "

Regarding hiring foreign executives, Felipe Fabrega, general manager at Amrop Panama, noted that "... The act of importing talent is not bad, but it is the first step towards later exporting national talent ... local talent is an important and healthy step forward for the market, as experts from different areas come to the country and their knowledge with the Panamanian personnel, so that they then become the most sought after in international markets. "

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