HSBC To Buy Costa Rica Minority Shareholders Interests

Under the terms of the offer, the maximum consideration to be paid for the acquisition of a total of 1,112,672,425 common shares (2.75%) will be $6,938,405.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Grupo del Istmo Costa Rica S.A. (Grupo Istmo), an indirectly owned subsidiary of HSBC Bank (Panama), is launching a public tender offer to acquire the interests of the minority shareholders of Corporación HSBC (Costa Rica) Sociedad Anónima, ('Corporación HSBC').

The offer ends on 25 March 2009.

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Costa Rica: Protection of Minority Shareholders Approved

August 2016

Once the new law comes into effect minority investors will have access to information on transactions that represent at least 10% of a company's assets.

A statement issued by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry explains that   "...The initiative proposes specific reforms to Articles 26, 189 and adding Article 32 to the Code of Commerce, as well as amending Article 426 of the Civil Procedure Code.

Panama: Six companies prepare stocks and bonds issuances for $800 million

July 2014

Six companies will issue corporate bonds and stocks with terms of 3 to 28 years, with interest rates of up to 12.5%. reports that of the issuances that are being prepared in the Panama Stock Exchange, "... the biggest will be by Banco Internacional de Costa Rica, S.A., with rotating corporate bonds for 200 million dollars with 3 or 7 year terms at a rate yet to be defined. "

Costa Rica: Fifco Share Price Rebounds

June 2011

Shares in the brewery company Florida Ice and Farm have risen 20% in a week.

After having remained stable throughout 2011, the value of shares quoted on the national stock exchange showed a significant increase, from trading at $1.44 (¢733) to $ 1.73 (¢ 880) in just one week.

Costa Rica: Chilean Firm Acquires 50% of Cefa

April 2011

The pharmaceutical group Socofar acquired 50% of the Costa Rican operation Cefa Corporation.

The alliance between the two companies will allow the financing Cefa’s expansion to Central America and the Caribbean. Among the plans is the recovery of the Honduran and Salvadoran market and consolidation of operations in Nicaragua