HSBC Sued for Millions in El Salvador

Coffee grower José Antonio Salaverría filed a complaint against the company for $22 million.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Salaverría argues that the bank breached a contract that guaranteed funding for his coffee mill.

"Yesterday, a mercantile court communicated his lawyers that the lawsuit was accepted, prompting the bank to respond in less than three days", reported

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Financial Company in Panama Declared Bankrupt

August 2016

After a failed attempt at restructuring, the process that began in September 2014 with the cessation of payments by the financial company La Generosa today ended with a judicial declaration of financial bankruptcy. explains that "...The measure involves the seizure of all assets belonging to the company, the appointment of a executor and José Luis Ford being banned from leaving his home where the bankruptcy was finalised, which is effectively an impediment to him leaving the country. "

Judicialization of Economic Development

September 2015

The ability of the executive and legislative powers to effectively lead their country's economy is seriously diminished by the excessive actions of the judicial branch, especially the Constitutional Courts.


It is happening in Central America but it is a growing problem throughout Latin America.

Barceló insists that it owes Nicaragua nothing

June 2008

Executives from the Grupo Barceló repeated this Thursday that they owe nothing to the State of Nicaragua and refused to make further comments on the lawsuit presented by the government.

The company's legal reprentative, Tomás Delaney, told reporters that they have reviewed the lawsuit sent to the Washington-based International Center for Settlement of Differences Relative to Investments.

Nicaragua demands that Grupo Barcelo returns ownership of Hotel Montelimar

June 2008

Nicaragua's Attorney-General's department advised that it has started a legal process to bring about the return of the Montelimar tourist complex, due to alleged non-fulfillment of the contract.

Attorney-General Hernán Estrada recently delivered the lawsuit to the third civil court of Managua.