Guatemalan exporters look to Mexico

29 Guatemalan businesses started negotiations in 2009 to sell their products in Mexico

Friday, October 24, 2008

This is being done withing the framework of the "Mexican Access Table" a program by the Guatemalan Exporter Association (Agexport), with the objective of opening the markets to Guatemalan companies.

This program has already completed the first phase with 40 companies.

Guatemalan exporters expect to sell $500 million in Mexico in 2008, an increase of $464 over 2007.

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Unification of Trade Agreements with Mexico

July 2010

Central American countries seek to harmonize three different FTAs that have been signed with Mexico.

The basis for the new Free Trade Agreement (FTA) will be that signed most recently between the Aztec nation and the group of countries known as the North Triangle (Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador). Adjustments will be made reflecting current conditions and requirements of all countries in the isthmus.

Business Optimism in Guatemala with Funes

March 2009

Guatemalan business leaders are optimistic about the election of the new president of El Salvador.

La Prensa Libre of Guatemala published the comments of several business leaders about future trade relations with El Salvador, which accounted for $973 million in exports and $692 million in imports in 2008.

Guatemala: Foreign Currency Entry Down 13% in 2 Months

March 2009

Export revenues grew by 2.8% and tourism by 4.3%, but remittances fell by 9.6%.

The statistics published by the Bank of Guatemala and noted in, referred to the period between January 1 and March 5.

The drop in remittances is highlighted: “In February of this year, $281.9 million entered the country from family remittances, an amount $36.4 million less than what was captured during the same month in 2008, a decrease of 11.4%. That amount plus the $290.2 million which entered in January totaled $572.1 million, a figure that is 9.6% ($60.8 million) lower than what was captured during both months in 2008 which totaled $632.9 million.”

Azteca pushes into Guatemala

March 2008

TV Azteca, Mexico's second-largest broadcaster, has acquired 70% of Guatemala's Latitud TV, owner of Guatemala City's channels 31 and 35 in a bid to expand its brand internationally.

Despite the Central American country's relatively small and impoverished population, its broadcast television advertising market is valued at over US$100m per annum.