Guatemalan Hotel Franchise Opens in Panama

Spring Hotel Suites has plans to open new premises for December 2012 in Panama.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Ramon Hernandez, corporate president and franchise manager, told that the license will cost of $35 thousand and that some $650 thousand investment is needed.

"The Guatemalan company has been in the market for 40 years and currently has two establishments, one in zone 13 and the other in Mixco" added the publication

The company launched its franchise model in 2006.

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Hotels Supply Up in Panama

May 2012

The introduction of 500 rooms belonging to the Hard Rock Hotel will decrease the overall occupancy rate, with immediate financial effects.

"The franchise, known for its restaurants and hotels throughout the world, will officially open in October, but it has already begun to offer half of its rooms in a soft or partial opening before the official inauguration to showcase its range of restaurants and bars to the local market ", reports

Inauguration of Holiday Inn in Costa Rica

July 2011

The project, by the Salvadoran Agrisal group, required an investment of $20 million and will be inaugurated this week in Escazú.

The new "green” Holiday Inn hotel, which will use environmentally friendly technologies, is sited 30 minutes from San Jose in one of the busiest areas of economic and urban development

Five New Hotels to Open in Panama

October 2010

With a $ 56 million investment, the new projects aim at the business market.

In the area of El Cangrejo, with a $ 10 million investment, a Howard Johnson will be built managed by Fr Consulting, who announced construction of two Hampton Inn, one on Via Argentina and another in the sector of La Boca.

Club Tower and gran Spa added to the Real Inter-Continental Hotel in Costa Rica

September 2008

The new Club Tower and Spa, the biggest in the region, are now the main feature in the new image of the Real Inter-Continental Hotel & Club Tower Costa Rica.

Prominent designers contributed to make the new Real Inter-Continental Hotel a site of comfort and pleasure.
The new spa is the biggest in Costa Rica and offers a series of unique services which make visits to the site a unique and exclusive experience.