Guatemalan Coffee Exports to Europe Up 42%

Coffee exports from Guatemala to Europe increased 42% in the first three months of the current harvest.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Buyers were driven to buy the Guatemalan grain as a quality alternative to Colombia's arabica beans. The South American country is expected to have its worst harvest in 35 years, due to bad weather and a tree replacement program.

The article in Reuters remarks that while Europe is buying more, another top purchaser of Guatemalan coffee, Starbucks, is buying at a slower rhythm than usual.

For the present coffee cycle, Guatemalan growers expect to export 20% more than the previous harvest.

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Improvement in the Organic Market in Europe

September 2012

Suppliers of organic products reported a rise in sales and improved market conditions.

A statement from the Costa Rican Trade Promotion Office (PROCOMER) reads:

Sales of organic products in Europe Recover

According to Organic Monitor many suppliers of organic products have reported a rise in sales and improved market conditions, however, this situation is not shared by all European countries.

Guatemalan Exports to Europe Fall by 8%

August 2012

Due to the European crisis, during the first five months of the year Guatemalan exports to the old continent have dropped by about $28 million, which is 8.1%.

During the first five months of 2012 total sales to European countries summed $316.9 million, 8.1% lower than the $344.9 million for the same period in 2011, according to statistics from the Bank of Guatemala (Banguat).

Guatemala: Exports to Major Markets Fall

March 2009

Exports to the US, Central America and Europe fell by 1.3%, 7.2% and 51.8% respectively.

Statistics from the Bank of Guatemala reflect the numbers for January 2009 when compared to January 2008.

Some of the sectors most affected were coffee and petroleum, with drops of 18.8% and 65%, and the textile industry, whose exports to the U.S. decreased by 29.2%.

Guatemalan coffee exports will decrease by 9%

October 2008

The National Coffee Association of Guatemala estimates that they will export 9% less for the 2008/09 harvest compared to the previous harvest.

The main reason cited by ANACAFE is the increase in production costs. The price of fertilizers, fuel, herbicides, freight, security, and insurance have experience huge increases.