Guatemala to Import corn with 0% Tariff

In order to supply the deficiency of the local market, the Ministry of Economy authorized the import of 75 thousand metric tons of white corn, which will be subject to a zero tariff.

Friday, May 21, 2021

The May 21 edition of the Diario de Centroamerica published Ministerial Agreement 232-2021, by means of which the Ministry of Economy authorizes the import of white corn, tariff code 1005.90.30.00.

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Article 3 specifies that "... any individual or legal person, as well as cooperatives, non-governmental organizations, may import white corn with zero percent tariff, provided they comply with the requirements and procedure established in this agreement."

The text explains that "... in order to benefit from the zero percent tariff, interested individuals or legal entities, cooperatives and non-governmental organizations must register in the DACE's Tariff Quota System."

According to the Agreement, importers may apply for award certificates up to a volume of 25,000 tons, provided that they attach a copy of the contract or proforma invoice. See full document.

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El Salvador Authorizes Corn Import

July 2018

In order to guarantee the supply of basic grains in the country, the Salvadoran government has signed an agreement to import 35,000 tons of white corn.

Due to the lack of rain that has affected crops in areas of the east of the country, the government signed an executive agreement between the ministries of Agriculture, Economy and Finance, to import basic grain.  

Guatemala to Import Duty Free Grains

November 2017

Authorization has been given for 2018 to importy duty free a maximum of 5 thousand MT of black beans, 150 thousand MT of yellow corn, 50 thousand MT of white corn and 26 thousand MT of paddy rice.

The approved quotas were: Black beans, a maximum of 5 thousand metric tons -MT-, equivalent to 110 thousand hundredweight; yellow corn, 150 thousand -MT-, equivalent to 3.3 million hundredweight; white corn, 50 thousand -MT-, 110 thousand hundredweight and unhusked rice, 26 thousand MT, 572 thousand hundredweight.

Honduras: Duty Free Bean Imports

September 2015

The duty free import quotas approved for the fourth quarter of 2015 correspond to 10,487 tons of white corn, 16,734 tons of yellow maize and 77 tonnes of milled rice.

The Ministry of Economic Development announced the grain import quotas for the period October-December 2015, covered under the free trade agreement, DR-CAFTA.

Nicaragua to Import More Grains Duty Free

August 2014

Due to a reduction of local production because of drought, the government has authorized, for the second half of the year, an increase in tax-free imports of red beans, rice and corn.

In the case of red beans, an additional 10,000 tons has been approved on top of the 20,000 authorized in June, while for rice the quantities will be defined in the coming days.