Guatemala and Ecuador Sign Partial Trade Agreement

It removes tariffs on 700 product lines over the next five years.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Coffee and banana were left out of the agreement, as these goods are considered "sensible" for both economies.

As part of the negotiation, the countries signed a mutual assistance treaty between their respective customs authorities.

The agreement is considered an initial step towards a Free Trade Agreement.

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Trade Agreement Between Guatemala and Ecuador In Effect

February 2013

Guatemala granted access to Ecuador for 614 tariff lines, of which 528 have immediate access. Ecuador gave Guatemala 677 tariff lines.

With the enactment of the Partial Agreement between the two countries, 595 Guatemalan products will enter the Ecuadorian market with a 100% tariff reduction.

TLC Guatemala - Ecuador in March

January 2011

Technical teams began the negotiation round and estimate signing the agreement next March.

The deputy economy minister of Guatemala, Raúl Trejo Esquivel, said negotiations began with the discussion of market access. Guatemala has sought registration of 200 tariff lines and Ecuador 500.

FTA Guatemala – Ecuador Advances

December 2010

The Economy ministries of both countries exchanged a list of products to trade.

Ecuador's ambassador in Guatemala, Vicente Veliz, said that estimate to conclude the agreement is April 2011.

The article at adds, "Among the items of interest to Guatemala from Ecuador, are metallurgies, textile, cardboard, candy and food.

Guatemala Reviews FTA with Ecuador

August 2010

The Minister for the Economy is to initiate a consultation process with the private sector about the possibility of negotiating a free trade agreement (FTA) with Ecuador.

Guatemalan Minister for the Economy, Erick Coyoy, highlighted both countries' interest in negotiating the FTA.