Guatemala - Honduras Border Integration Starts

The first stage of the pilot program, which began on June 1, consists of transferring the post of El Florido Guatemala, to Honduran offices in Agua Caliente.

Monday, June 1, 2015

The second phase, scheduled for December, "... involves the installation of "peripheral posts", with which border points will be removed and turned into only crossing and control points, trade will through peripheral positions. " This will be possible once the congresses of both countries ratify the Enabling Protocol.

Boris Cabrera, trade facilitation adviser in the process, told that for now, "... The customs delegation from Guatemala and Honduras are still operational, as are the immigration authorities of both countries and the quarantine unit of the Regional International Organization for Agricultural Health (OIRSA) that has always been integrated. "

"... Honduran representative Bennaton Abraham, president of the Federation of Industrial Chambers and Associations of Central America (Fecaica) stated that they will accompany this process from its inception, 'we attest that progress has been made and we are glad that the business relationship between the two countries will be able to increase'. "

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New Border Post between Guatemala and Honduras

August 2016

An announcement has been made of the installation in Corinto, department of Copan, of a third post on the border between the two countries.

The current Free Movement Post in Corinto, located in Honduran territory,
will operate as an Integrated Control Post.

Plan to Streamline Regional Trade

April 2016

It has been announced that using funds from the Inter-American Development Bank a tender will be launched for a plan to improve and streamline cross-border trade in the region.

The goal is to design and implement a system to improve and expedite the transit of goods between the Central American countries which currently face several obstacles affecting competitiveness, such as customs delays and duplication of procedures.

Honduras - Guatemala: Customs Union is Still Possible

June 2015

Despite the corruption scandals that tarnished the policy in Guatemala and Honduras, Honduran businessmen say the project of to unify the border posts at the end of the year is still moving forward.

Amid strikes, marches and demonstrations which have taken place in Guatemala and Honduras, working groups composed of representatives of the private sector in both countries and the government have not stopped working, as reported entrepreneurs like Maria Antonia Rivera, from the Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Cortés.

Costa Rica Questions Customs Union

March 2015

Different tariff policies from the rest of the region and inadequate infrastructure at border posts do not facilitate the country's integration into the Customs Union.

Authorities at the Customs Department claim that they have identified the aspects that need to be worked on and improved in order to achieve integration with other countries in the region.