Guatemala: Wind Power Generators Interested In Energy Tender

Among the companies interested in bidding for the 800MW tender are three wind power generators.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Carlos Rodas, from Empresa Electrica de Guatemala, S. A. (EEGSA), noted that the companies Viento Blanco and Eólico San Antonio El Sitio have acquired the specification details and a third company is is also interested.

"The three generators have a combined capacity to produce 180 MW, but they can only participate in producing 160 MW, according to the limit for this technology established in the details of the tender. The companies must therefore compete with each other to generate this amount. They have partners in the United States and the plants would be located around the Pacaya Volcano", Rhodes said in an article in

The bidding documents stipulate that at least 60% of the 800 MW be generated by renewable power plants (hydroelectric, wind, solar, etc.) and a maximum of 40% for existing plants (bunker fuel, diesel or coal).

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Wind Projects in Guatemala

November 2014

Of a potential of 1,000 MW of power generated through wind in the country, 101 MW will start to be generated from three wind projects which will start operations in May 2015.

The three projects referred to are those of the companies Viento Blanco which will generate 21 MW, Tresca, with 30MW, and the most advanced, Eólico San Antonio del Sitio, with 52.8 MW, which already has 90% of the necessary infrastructure for it to operate.

Guatemala: Delays in Energy Projects

December 2013

Delays in the construction of 45 power plants which have already been awarded are mainly due to social issues and permits.

According to Edwin Rodas, Deputy Minister of Energy, 40% of these projects have been delayed because of financial issues, social problems and lack of permits for easements. Starting May 2015 these plants will have to supply power to Energuate and Empresa Electrica de Guatemala SA (EEGSA).

Energy Companies Interested in Guatemala

May 2011

Eighteen companies specializing in wind energy want to sell electricity in the country.

Cutuco Energy, Renewable Energy and Eólico San Antonio el Sitio are among the companies seeking to participate in the tender to prepare three electricity distribution centres in the country.

Guatemala: Tender for 800MW Attracts Investors

April 2011

At least 10 companies have already acquired the bidding rules ready to present bids on 28 October.

Among the companies interested in bidding is Centrans Energy which operates a wind farm in the Pacaya volcano area, which generates 50 MW and represents an investment of $125 million.