Guatemala: Textile Sector with Potential Return

Before the process of reopening the economy, the garment and textile export sector operated with 15 thousand workers, but with the elimination of some restrictions, the activity of the companies increased and now employs 45 thousand people.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

After more than four months of restrictions on the mobility of people and some economic activities, as of July 27 the different sectors of the economy began to reopen, provided that the companies comply with the rules established by the Health Alert System for the covid-19 epidemic, which will have a municipal, departmental or regional scope.

Besides starting with the gradual opening of the economy, the government decided to reduce the curfew, which now applies from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m. the next day. On weekends, it was also decided to eliminate total closures.

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Alejandro Ceballos, president of Agexport's Clothing and Textiles Commission (Vestex), told that "... the demand for orders from the United States began to grow because the market is being reactivated and several stores of different brands opened."

The article adds that "... With this reincorporation the sector is working at 50% of its capacity of the total 58 thousand machines installed. Now there are 30 thousand machines operating and about 45 thousand workers laboring."

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Guatemala: Textile Exports Recover

August 2010

After a big drop in 2009, sales abroad have seen a 17.6% increase in the first half of 2010.

According to information from Vestex, the Guatemalan association of textile and apparel manufacturers, in the first six months of this year the sector's exports totaled $705.2 million, 17.6% higher than the $599.6 million exported in the same period of 2009.

Guatemala: Textile Exports Resume Growth

November 2009

After nine months of consecutive decreases, textile exports finally reversed the trend, increasing 2.48% in October.

In October, sales to the U.S. summed $102 million, 2.48% more than the same month of 2008, according to data from Vestex, the Textile and Apparel Commision.

"Fibro" Textile Company Closes in Guatemala

September 2009

The factory closed its doors on August 31, due to lack of orders from the United States.

110 workers lost their jobs with the closure of the plant, located on the 36th kilometers of the Interamerican Highway, in Sacatepéquez.

Vestex, the Guatemalan Textile and Apparel Commission, has reported the closure of 23 maquilas so far in 2009.

Korean Businesspeople Abandon Guatemala

June 2009

The impact of the economic crisis in the United States has had on the textile industry has forced 15 Korean businesses to shut down operations in the country.

Currently there are 158 factories in the country, of which 92 are Korean, 55 Guatemalan, 10 American, and 1 French, according to data from the Clothing and Textile Commission (Vestex).