Guatemala: Tender for Leasing of Medical Equipment

The Roosevelt Hospital requires leasing various hospital equipment for 365 days to continue providing service to the public.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Purchase of the Government of Guatemala 16069625:

"The Ministry of Public Health bids leasing for one-year hospital equipment to be used in the Roosevelt Hospital in Guatemala City, among what is required are electric beds, monitors, ventilators, among others.

* Electric bed: 20 beds with support capacity between 400 - 500 pounds, with built-in scales.

* Multiparameter monitor: 12 non-invasive monitors, 2 monitoring centers, 8 monitors for modular invasive monitoring are required.

* Adult mechanical ventilator: 20 complete stationary ventilators are required, with Touch Screen color screen and rotary encoder from 5 to 15 inches, in addition to having silent turbine, internal blender.

For more information on specifications of this equipment, please access the tender platform."

Deadline to submit bids: June 17, 2022.

See tenders.

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