Guatemala: Tax to Fight Corruption

A proposal has been made to create a special and temporary tax on assets above a certain amount in order to finance the operations of the Public Prosecutor against impunity and corruption in the state.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Ivan Velasquez, head of the International Commission against Impunity (CICIG), believes it is necessary to move on from "... discussing corruption to taking action", and therefore is proposing, together with the Public Ministry, the creation of a new tax to strengthen the institution's budget in the fight against impunity and corruption.

"... Velasquez said that during the period of of armed conflict in Guatemala (1960-1996) a tax was created to finance the operational part of the peace agreements. " reports that "... According to the report A path to justice ', the Commission will require more than $1.38 billion to improve the situation of the judicial system up until 2023. According to the document, of each quetzal collected in taxes, only 65 cents get to the state and the rest is lost in corruption. "

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More Hurdles for Development Banking in Costa Rica

February 2014

A reform of the Development Banking System is stuck in Congress because of an inevitable tax on offshore banking.

The creation of a tax included in the bill to reform the Banking Development System is impeding its progress in the Costa Rican Congress. MEPs propose a tax of 15% on profits from offshore banking.

Government of El Salvador Plans New Taxes

October 2012

If passed the new reform would create taxes for financial transactions, unproductive properties and newspapers. reports that Carlos Caceres, head of the Ministry of Finance stated that "The President (of the Republic) has instructed the Ministry to evaluate a proposal acceptable to him and to society, that is politically acceptable and not damaging to the productive sectors and to the poorest people. "

More Taxes are a Good Thing ... For Governments

November 2011

And apparently for bureaucracies in general, including those of international organizations; an "expert" from the Inter-American Development Bank is supporting tax reform in Costa Rica.

Although officially the IDB "does not advocate a tax burden or specific tax policy," one of its officials warmly supports the project to increase the tax burden to support the Costa Rican economy, to the point of suggesting that the tax burden be similar to Argentina’s.

New Tax Proposed in El Salvador

November 2010

The Finance Ministry is discussing a tax on large capitals to fund security expenses.

At the request of President Mauricio Funes, the Ministry of Finance examines the implementation of a equity tax in order to finance spending on public safety.

La Prensa Gráfica on its website reported statements from President Mauricio Funes, on the subject, "It is a equity tax to fund security costs." ¿And where did the idea come from? From my meeting with President (Alvaro) Uribe, in Colombia."