Guatemala: Tax Collection down 8.3%

In June, the government revenue superintendency collected $1.99 billion, less than the $2.17 billion for the same period of 2008.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rudy Villeda, who heads the government revenue superintendency (Superintendencia de Administración Tributaria, SAT, in Spanish), indicated that preliminary figures put revenue for the month of June in $286 million.

Journalist Lorena Alvarez writes in her article in "Income tax collected $431 million, short of the $486 forecasted, due to a drop in company sales and profits. Value added tax and international trade taxes fell 21.6% when compared to last year, because of the reduction in imports."

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$63 million Lost in Tax Reform Challenges

February 2013

The suits citing unconstitutionality presented in Guatemala against the tax reform have caused irrecoverable losses to government coffers.

The head of Collection at tax authority SAT said that " the reform does not only include income tax (ISR)" and noted that the Constitutional Court (CC), among other resolutions, suspended the collection of a 5% tax on the first registration of tractors (Iprima).

Guatemala: Tougher Controls to Taxpayers

July 2009

New measures have been put in place to improve tax collection, among them electronic embargoes of banking accounts and properties.

At customs, the government revenue authority, known as SAT, will develop a program dubbed "Aduana Segura II" (Secure Customs II), a closed circuit of TV cameras overseeing entrance and departure of merchandise.

Guatemala: Tax Controls Increase

July 2009

The tax revenue authority (SAT) is looking to increase collection by expanding the tax base.

Facing a projected drop in tax income for this year, the SAT has increased controls, focusing on productive sectors with high nonpayment indexes.

From a article: "As an example, the money collected in fighting smuggling and customs evasion reached $6.7 million, which was obtained as a result of a joint effort of the Governance and Defence Ministries, the Economic Theft Prosecution of the Public Ministry and SAT inspectors".

El Salvador: Tax Collection Decreases by 15%

April 2009

In February, the government collected $199.9 million in net taxes, 15.61% less than the $236.9 million collected in January.

According to official figures from the Central Reserve Bank (BCR), tax collection for February was also 13.76% lower than during the same period in 2008.