Guatemala: Record Figures for the Textile Sector

Businessmen consider that 2018 will be a year with record sales for the country, as they projected exports of $1.724 million, a figure that would exceed 12% of what was reported in 2017.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Representatives of the Apparel and Textile Industry Association (Vestex) reported that they have recently reviewed the figures, and they estimate that this year the sector will have double-digit growth compared to 2017.

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Respecting some of the reasons for the increase that will be registered in 2018, Alejandro Ceballos, president of Vestex, explained to that "... The main aspect that has influenced are the high sales because of the behavior of the economy in the United States. There is a lot of demand, and Asia cannot respond as quickly as Guatemala, due to the long distance for the shipment of goods."

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Ceballos added that "... Tomorrow begins the highest season of the year, after Thanksgiving Day in the United States, where large-scale trade is boosted. The November-December season is the highest, selling half of the year's total, according to Vestex's calculations."

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