Guatemala: Port User Representation

The Council of International Transport Users of Guatemala has proposed that entrepreneurs participate on the boards of Castilla and Quetzal Ports and Civil Aviation.

Friday, June 5, 2015

With the goal of "transparent processes in the port areas", the Council of International Transport Users of Guatemala (Cutrigua) suggests changing the rules of the Quetzal Port Business (EMP), Escuintla, Port Santo Tomas de Castilla, Izabal (Empornac ) and the General Department of Civil Aviation, in order to include the participation of private sector as members of the boards.

Lucia Soto, executive director of Cutrigua, told that "... the sector can provide the tools for transparent processes in the port areas as well as at the airport, where there is movement of commercial cargo for import and export of goods. "

Mario Yarzebski, Cutrigua president, said yesterday that the goal is to streamline operations and investment in extensions in order to improve service to users in international trade "... also" ... He said another possibility is to make public-private investments in those facilities, in order to modernize infrastructure by increasing the rate of movement of goods. "

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Investments the Ports Need

May 2019

To solve the congestion problem affecting Guatemala's port network, it is estimated that at least $133 million needs to be invested to improve the operations of current terminals.

The average standard for port operation is on average 50%, however, currently the country is reaching occupancy limits above 60%, which means that they are reaching congested points that make them less efficient.

Lack of Port Infrastructure in Guatemala

May 2016

While the movement of cargo imports and exports grows, the port of Quetzal has kept the same amount of docking areas as it had 30 years ago.

Businesses are complaining about saturation at the docks at Puerto Quetzal, which has reached 72%.

An article on reports that "...

Guatemala: Investors for Puerto Quetzal

January 2016

Empresa Portuaria Quetzal has confirmed that there may be interest from private investors in financing the construction of a new pier.

The need to expand the disembarkation pier at Puerto Quetzal is not new. Now the change of government could be an opportunity for this much needed piece of modernization to be realised.

Impact of Increase in Port Charges on Guatemala

November 2014

The private sector is asking the government to repeal the new tariff schedule in the ports of Quetzal and Santo Tomas de Castilla, saying it there is no justification for it and the competitiveness of ports is deteriorating.

According to employers, the increase is not only unwarranted, but also directly impacts the cost structure of firms, which end up passing on the prices increases to end consumers.