Guatemala: New Tender for Electronic Road Tax Discs

After declaring the first tender void, customs authorities have announced that they will re launch the tender for electronic road tax discs containing GPS devices.

Friday, January 23, 2015

It is expected that by the end of February electronic "marchamo" or road tax disc will be re-tendered. Among the requirements for the bidders is the ability to install the system in the Tax Administration and to have experience in customs, logistics and GPS equipment.

The Customs Supervisor, Claudia Méndez Asencio told that "... The three national companies involved (in the first call) did not meet the requirements, the board decided not to award the tender, so before March we will re-tender the purchase of electronic marchamos. "

"... According to Article 55 of the National Customs Act, as amended two years ago, customs carriers, importers or the person checking the rights of the goods must compulsorily use an electronic label that has a satellite positioning control device . "

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