Guatemala: New Regulation on Occupational Safety

The new rules adopted by the Ministry of Labour will come into effect in February 2015 and the penalties for breaking them involve fines of between 3 and 16 minimum wages.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

On August 8 the Regulation on Occupational Health and Safety issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare was published in the Official Newspaper, relating to Governmental Agreement No. 229-2014.

This document supersedes the Regulation on hygiene that has been used so far. The main change in this policy is that now the Ministry of Labour requires companies to train their staff on issues related to SSO as well as forming a committee among its employees. The penalties for breach of this Regulation carry penalties ranging from 3 to 16 minimum wages.

Read the Regulation in full here.

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Occupational Safety for Construction

March 2019

In Guatemala, a guide is proposed to establish best practices in occupational safety and health for companies in the construction sector.

The Guatemalan Ministry of Labor and Social Security (Mintrab) and the Guatemalan Chamber of Construction (CGC), agreed to work together to exchange knowledge and experiences to strengthen standards in legislation, promotion of formality, labor inclusion, as well as the issue of Occupational Health and Safety, reported the Guatemalan government.

Nicaragua: Dangerous Informality in Construction

April 2015

Lack of control over the use of materials and job insecurity are two of the problems which would be resolved if the National Construction Council is created, suggests the private sector.

Informality in the construction sector is growing and with it "... security policies are becoming more flexible, they start to be neglected and then the potential for situations - such as increasing the minimum wage outside the scope of productivity and of consensus - becomes much larger," says the chairman of the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (COSEP), Joseph Adam Aguerri.

Occupational Safety Regulations Postponed

February 2015

In Guatemala, the entry into force of the new Regulation for Occupational Health and Safety has been postponed until August 8, 2015.

Tax Memorandum by Tezó and Associates:
Edition 5 to 15 February 2014

Regulation on health and safety

The Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance published in the Official Journal of 11 August 2014 "Regulations for Occupational Health and Safety" to be observed by every employer.

Workplace Safety Inspections in El Salvador

May 2012

Inspectors are to visit companies and institutions in order to check compliance with health and safety standards in workplaces.

MINTRAB of El Salvador has launched a new round of inspections of companies and public institutions in order to ensure compliance with health and safety standards in workplaces, in compliance with the General Law of Risk Prevention.