Guatemala: New Drive for Xalalá Hydroelectric Project

The Government has contracted, without using a tender process, the Brazilian company Intertechne for geotechnical analysis of the Xalalá hydroelectric project.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

According to the National Electrification Institute (INDE), the contract was assigned as an urgent purchase. It has been divided into 3 phases, the first and second, in which $4.9 million will be paid, are for the evaluation of the designs presented in 2005, including geological, geotechnical, seismic and geophysical studies.

"The third phase is the basic design of the hydropower station, which will only be performed if the results of the first two stages determine that the project is viable and can be installed in the departments of Quiché and Alta Verapaz, in Chixoy" said Marinus Boer, manager of the Inde.

It is estimated that the plant will have an installed capacity of 181 megawatts . "... If the project is viable , the Inde will launch an international tender for its execution. In 2012 it was estimated that an investment of $360 million will be needed for construction."

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Construction of Hydroelectric Station Xalalá Revisited

October 2013

The Guatemalan government plans to raise $400 million to produce 181 megawatts of hydroelectric power in Alta Verapaz.

This was announced by the chief of Energy and Mines (MEM), Erick Archila. Initially, "the design of this project included generating up to 350 MW, however, in 2005 a study reduced its potential to 181 MW which is the same as the current proposal by the the country's energy authorities," noted an article in

Continuation of Works on Xalalá Power Station Announced

February 2012

Authorities want to finish the hydroelectric station in Guatemala, a project costing between $350 and $450 million.

The development of hydroelectric station Xalalá, located between Uspantán, Quiché, and Coban, Alta Verapaz, is one of the National Institute of Electrification’s (INDE) current projects, as part of its Strategic Plan 2012-2015.

Guatemala: Changes delay the start of the Xalala Hydroelectric plant

August 2008

Changes to the terms of reference for the tender that will allow the Xalala hydroelectric plant to be constructed will delay the operation of the plant by almost two years.

The Power Generation Manager of the National Electrification Institute, Erwin Barrios, explained that the start of operations at the plant, previously announced for 2013, will be delayed until 2015.

New dates for Xalalá hydroelectric project tender

July 2008

The bidding process for the construction of the Xalalá hydroelectric project was extended for the second time by the National Electrification Institute.

The new issuing and submission dates are set for November this year.
The board of INDE took this decision because it still working on modifications to the terms of reference, in issues that were questioned by those interested in bidding, changes that must be supplied by July 31.