Guatemala: Multilingual Speaking ATMs

The installation of ATMs using Mayan languages has led to increased banking activities by indigenous populations.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The program, developed by the Rural Development Bank (Banrural), began in 2005 with 108 machines, and now has 420 multilingual ATMs, which as well as offering instructions in Spanish, can also cater to Mayan speakers of Quiche, Cakchiquel, Q'eqchi ', Ixil, Mam and q'anjob'al.

Sergei Walter from Banrural, explained that these cash machines have enabled them to offer financing to a population that previously only had access to local lenders, "who offered an efficient 24 hour service, but with penalties of 10 percent per day, which translates to annual interest of close to three thousand per cent ", whereas the bank charges 22% annually.

"The cash machines have been very well accepted, especially in the area of the Guatemalan highlands, where much of the population has limited access to everything," said Walter to

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Guatemala: 2014 4th Report on Financial Inclusion

February 2015

The Superintendency of Banks in Guatemala has published the Financial Inclusion Report corresponding to the fourth quarter of 2014, noting an increase of 15% in the number of account holders.

From a statement issued by the Superintendeny of Banks in Guatemala:

Financial Inclusion refers to a set of actions which aim to increase access and improve the use of financial services for all segments of the population, including those who have traditionally been neglected, ie, the poor and rural segments. Its importance centers around the fact that lack of access to financial services causes people limitations in their ability to save, receive credit and to protect against the occurrence of situations or disasters that may affect them in their daily lives, through insurance coverage.

Guatemala: Expansion of Banking Services

November 2011

According to experts, more branches do not mean a larger banking population.

While the number of bank branches in the country has grown significantly, the number of Guatemalans who have a bank account is less than 25%.

Experts in the field, such as the economist Julio Estrada, say that one of the main advantages of the population being involved in banking is access to credit, which enhances a country's development.

Panama Leads Region in Banking

January 2011

Panama ranks second in Latin America in number of bank branches and ATMs per 100,000 people with 90.28, surpassed only by Brazil with 99.37.

"Banking, or access to banking services, plays an important role in economic development of countries and in reducing poverty while promoting income distribution."

Panama: Bids Invited for ATMs

October 2009

"Banco Nacional" has invited $1 million bids for supplying and installing automatic teller machines.

According to the bidding rules, participants must bid for supplying and installing 40 "Cash Dispenser" ATMs, to be fitted in the walls of the various branches of the Bank, 10 Lobby "Cash Dispenser" indoors ATMs, and 2 ATMs for vehicle service.