Guatemala: Mobile Telephony Tax

Analysis is underway to charge a specific tax on mobile telephony in 2010, either to all calls or just international ones.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

A 0.1 Quetzal per minute tax (approximately $0.01), is one option being considered to increase fiscal revenues, within the National Emergency and Economic Recovery Program, know for its initials as PNERE.

Marco Cerezo Blandón, PNERE coordinator, "states that one of the objectives of the program for 2010 is fiscal sustainability", reports "To achieve this 'a Q0.10 per minute tax to mobile calls is being considered' said Cerezo, as well as other mechanisms to raise the state's revenues".

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More Taxes: An Idea That Appeals to Governments

September 2020

In this scenario of economic crisis, falling tax revenues and the need to finance recovery programs, in Guatemala and Costa Rica it is already proposed to increase current taxes and create new ones.

Guatemalan authorities are already beginning to discuss the fiscal policy they will apply in 2021, when the economy will have to face the effects of the economic crisis generated by the covid-19 outbreak.

NO to the Digital Platform Tax

October 2019

In the Dominican Republic, the e-commerce union announced that it will file a legal appeal against the government's intention to apply a tax on the use of digital platforms by 2020.

The intention of the Dominican Chamber of Electronic Commerce (Cadolec), is to stop the collection of taxes to platforms such as Netflix, Spotify, Airbnb and some others, by means of an appeal for protection that they plan to present to the Superior Administrative Court.

Guatemala: Tax on Telephony Suspended

January 2015

The application of tax of $0.65 per mobile phone line that had been proposed by the Executive to fund part of the 2015 budget has been temporarily suspended.

The Constitutional Court temporarily suspended the collection of the tax on telephone lines after the Chamber of Industry and the three phone companies operating in the country submitted an appeal against the tax.

Guatemala: Phone Lines Returned to State

December 2014

In response to approval of a new tax of $0.65 per telephone line, operating companies have returned 6 million lines to the Telecommunications Superintendency.

Representatives from Claro, Tigo and Telefónica each returned 2 million inactive numbers with the aim of adjusting their internal policies to adapt to the new tax which will come into effect next year.